SEO for Developers

Posted August 5th, 2011 in SEO by Bexxie

Every now and again, I get away from the computer screen and socially network with people in real life. So last week I went to the monthly SEO Meetup where our incredible host, Phil from 1918, was dropping SEO knowledge all over the place. This month’s meetup was aimed at developers so it was right

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5 Popular SEO WordPress Plugins

Posted June 28th, 2011 in SEO, wordpress by Bexxie

On top of already having a well-designed site that is coded to ensure visibility to search engines and also includes great copy writing that uses keywords to help your site’s search rankings, there are some great WordPress plugins you can use to help your site’s SEO effort. Here are 5 free, popular ones: 1 All-In-One

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